Occupational Therapist & Clinical Pain Coach

Ellena Sharland

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Hons), 2020.
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Ellie is a committed Occupational Therapist with a deep passion for holistic health care. She specialises in supporting adults and children dealing with chronic pain, striving to help them reach their fullest potential. She has experience working in NDIS community Occupational Therapy, promoting independence in daily living skills, and the Vocational Rehabilitation Unit at WA Police, supporting officers with PTSD, mental health disorders, and physical injuries.

My Background

Ellie's journey in occupational therapy began in 2020 when she graduated with her degree. Her initial experience in NDIS community Occupational Therapy laid a strong foundation for her understanding of client independence and daily living skills. Her commitment to holistic care led her to work with the WA Police's Vocational Rehabilitation Unit, where she focused on early intervention and promoting recovery at work, particularly for officers dealing with PTSD, mental health disorders, and physical injuries.

My Approach

At the heart of Ellie's therapeutic approach is active listening, coupled with a strong rapport with her clients. She believes in fostering a collaborative and empowering environment that promotes growth and progress. Through her empathetic nature and dedication to client-centered care, she seeks to make a positive impact on her clients' lives.

My Favourite Therapies

  • Mental Health Support: Ellie provides comprehensive mental health support to those grappling with persistent pain, guiding them empathetically through the psychological challenges this entails.
  • Return to Work Support & Vocational Counseling: For those looking to reenter or adjust in the workforce, Ellie offers advice ensuring they can manage their symptoms while maintaining workplace productivity.
  • Functional Upgrading: Ellie assists individuals in incrementally increasing their activity levels, promoting enhanced strength and endurance without aggravating symptoms.
  • Graded Activity: Using graded activity techniques, Ellie aids individuals in building their physical capacity and activity levels in a controlled and structured manner.
  • Neuroplasticity-Based Therapies: Ellie employs cutting-edge neuroplasticity-based therapies to help reshape the brain's response to pain, offering a fresh approach to pain management.
  • Mindfulness & Relaxation Techniques: Ellie imparts mindfulness and relaxation strategies, such as breathing exercises, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation, to combat stress, often intertwined with persistent pain.
  • Adaptive Equipment Training: She instructs individuals in the use of adaptive equipment to make daily tasks easier and less physically taxing.
  • Energy Conservation Strategies: Ellie champions energy conservation techniques, aiding individuals in evenly distributing their energy throughout the day and countering chronic fatigue.
  • Self-Management Education: Providing education on self-management strategies, Ellie covers essential topics like pain management, sleep hygiene, and nutrition.
  • Sensory Integration Therapy: Through sensory integration therapy, Ellie assists individuals in processing sensory information more effectively, alleviating pain and enhancing overall well-being.
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation: Recognizing the cognitive challenges that can accompany persistent pain, Ellie offers cognitive rehabilitation to boost memory, attention, and other vital cognitive skills.

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