Pain Medicine

When frontline strategies fail, specialist pain medicine can provide added layer of support required to achieve relief from more persistent or complex forms of pain. With a focus on identifying and treating the underlying cause of pain, pain medicine utilizes a variety of interventions—some intended for short-to-medium-term relief, and others targeting long-term recovery. Together, these interventions can significantly enhance one's quality of life.

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Who's it for?

Patients with Chronic Pain

Specialist pain medicine provides an extra layer of support for those struggling with chronic pain conditions, helping to address the root cause and improve the quality of life.

Post-Surgical Patients

Individuals recovering from surgery can benefit from specialist pain medicine, as it helps manage post-operative pain and facilitates a smoother healing process.

Neuropathic Pain Sufferers

Those experiencing nerve-related pain can find relief through specialist pain medicine, which offers targeted treatments to alleviate nerve pain.

Non-Responsive to Traditional Pain Management

Patients who haven't found relief through conventional pain management approaches may benefit from specialist pain medicine, as it can provide more targeted and advanced treatment options.

Complex Pain Syndromes

Specialist pain medicine can be particularly helpful for individuals with complex pain syndromes, as it addresses the multifaceted nature of these conditions.

Persistent Pain after Injury

For those who continue to experience pain after an injury has healed, specialist pain medicine can offer tailored interventions to alleviate discomfort and improve functionality.

Elderly Patients with Pain

Older individuals experiencing pain can benefit from specialist pain medicine, as it takes into account age-related factors and potential interactions with other medications.

Cancer Patients

Cancer patients experiencing pain related to their disease or treatment may find relief through specialist pain medicine, which can offer tailored pain management strategies.

How it works?

Therapies & treatments

Imaging and Pathology

These diagnostic tests aid in uncovering the underlying cause of pain and determining the most effective treatment options.

Genetic Testing

This approach helps identify genetic factors that may contribute to pain experiences.

Prescription Pain Medications

Our pain specialist may prescribe medications specifically for pain management.

Prescription Anti-inflammatory Medications

These medications help reduce inflammation, which can alleviate pain.

Antidepressant Medications

Certain antidepressants have been found effective in treating chronic pain.

Antiepileptic Medications

Some antiepileptic medications can also help alleviate nerve pain.

Atypical Pain Medications

Low-dose naltrexone is an emerging medication that shows promise in treating chronic pain.

Sleep Medications

Maintaining good sleep is crucial for managing pain; our team may recommend sleep medications to improve sleep quality.

Opioid Reduction and Rotation

We specialize in assisting patients with reducing and rotating their opioid medications to enhance pain management.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Injections and neurotomies can help alleviate pain without resorting to surgery.

Nutritional Deficiency Testing

Nutritional deficiencies can contribute to pain; our team can identify and address these deficiencies.

Therapeutic Supplements

Anti-inflammatory nutraceuticals can help diminish inflammation and alleviate pain.

In Summary

Our pain medicine service provides evidence-based, patient-centered care for people dealing with acute or chronic pain. We offer a range of tools and treatments, including prescription medications, minimally invasive procedures, and nutritional supplements, to help you achieve lasting relief from pain. If you're dealing with pain, we encourage you to book an appointment with our pain specialist to learn more about how we can help.

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