Orthopaedic Surgeons & Proceduralists

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Care

Painless offers specialized physical rehabilitation services, led by our experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists, for patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery.

Partnering with orthopaedic surgeons, we deliver comprehensive pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation programs designed to optimize patients' outcomes, speed up recovery, and promote long-term health and mobility.

Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation

Our pre-surgical rehabilitation services, also known as prehabilitation, focus on preparing patients for their upcoming orthopaedic surgery. Prehabilitation involves:

Comprehensive assessment

We evaluate each patient's physical condition, strength, flexibility, and functional abilities to develop a tailored pre-surgical plan.

Strengthening exercises

Targeted exercises to increase muscle strength and endurance, improving surgical outcomes and post-surgery recovery.

Flexibility training

Stretching and mobility exercises to enhance joint flexibility and range of motion, facilitating post-surgery rehabilitation.

Patient education

We provide guidance on what to expect during and after surgery, including post-operative care and recovery timelines.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Our post-surgical rehabilitation services aim to support patients as they recover from orthopaedic surgery, focusing on:

Pain management

We utilize evidence-based techniques, such as manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, and gentle exercises, to manage pain and reduce inflammation.

Restoring function

Our therapists develop personalized plans to help patients regain their mobility, strength, and functional abilities.

Progress monitoring

We closely monitor patients' progress and adjust rehabilitation plans as needed, ensuring a safe and efficient recovery.

Preventing complications

Our comprehensive approach helps prevent complications, such as stiffness, muscle weakness, or scar tissue formation.

How it works

Our flexible prehab, rehab and reporting process can be tailored to your needs and preferences, ensuring seamless care, communication and collaboration.

If you have specific protocols and care requirements for your patients, our physio team will be happy to listen, learn and facilitate.

Initial Assessment

Our therapists gather info on the patient's history, pain levels, functional capacities, and goals for care.


The patient begins a tailored prehab plan, involving physio care and home exercises, to optimize surgical outcomes and recovery.


About 1 week after surgery, the patient commences their tailored rehab program with their Painless physiotherapist.

First Update (10-14 days post-op)

Painless provides the referring orthopaedic surgeon with a concise update on the patient's pain scores, procedure tolerance, complications (if any), medication changes, and recommendations.

Second Update (4 wks)

The orthopaedic surgeon receives their second progress update from Painless and can rest assured knowing their patient is progressing.

Ongoing Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapist continues to work with the patient, adjusting the rehabilitation plan as needed, to support their recovery and achieve their goals.

Final Report (8-12 wks)

Our physiotherapist provide their final recommendations; considering the patient's current abilities, necessary workplace accommodations, and potential for ongoing progress.

Benefits of working together.

Enhanced patient outcomes

Fostering active patient engagement to optimise recovery and outcomes.

Streamlined patient experience

A unified program creates a seamless experience, reducing stress and uncertainty.

Reduced burden on surgeons

Orthos can focus on their expertise while we handle preparatory and ongoing support.

Improved patient satisfaction

Improved outcomes enhances patient satisfaction and strengthens the surgeons reputation.

Flexible and adaptable care

We'll tailor our care to the unique needs of each surgeon and patient.

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