For Workplace Rehab Providers

Specialised pain care for people with work-related pain and injuries.

At Painless, we understand the challenges rehab providers face in finding effective, trustworthy pain care for their patients. Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to providing evidence-based, whole-person pain care for patients of all ages and with various pain conditions. We recognise the importance of an outcome-focused approach in the recovery process, and strive to support patients as they navigate their way back to a fulfilling and productive life.

Functional Capacity Assessments

Our comprehensive "capacity to work" assessments are designed to provide a holistic evaluation of a patient's functional abilities, overall well-being, and readiness to return to work.

Specialist Pain Medicine

Evidence-based medical treatments to address the root cause of pain, providing relief and facilitating recovery.

Functional Restoration


Applying targeted exercises and interventions for regaining strength and mobility required for work tasks.

Occupational Therapy

Create strategies for overcoming daily challenges, restoring function, and adapting to workplace demands.

Psychological Support

Pain Coaching

An added layer of support for people with complex pain conditions or challenges returning to work.

Pain Psychology

Addressing emotional and psychological aspects of pain, work performance and overall well-being.

Trauma Therapies

Supporting patients to heal from work or injury-related psychological trauma, promoting overall mental health.

Education and Prevention

Ergonomics Education

Instruction in proper body mechanics, posture, and workplace ergonomics to prevent future injuries.

Self-Management Strategies

Techniques and tools for independent pain management, promoting long-term workplace success.

Injury Prevention Training

Guidance in reducing future injury risks through safe work practices and self-care techniques.

Work Capacity Assessments

Painless' work capacity assessments are designed to provide a holistic evaluation of a patient's functional abilities, overall well-being, and readiness to return to work.

Our Occupational Therapists (OT) and Pain Specialists collaborate closely to create a nurturing environment for patients, ensuring comprehensive guidance for both patients and rehabilitation providers throughout the recovery journey.

OT Functional Assessment

Our experienced OTs conduct a customized assessment of each patient's physical, cognitive, and psychosocial abilities, focusing on their work demands.

Ongoing Evaluation

In some cases, our OTs may conduct multiple sessions, spaced apart, to monitor patient progress and identify any changes in their abilities or needs.

Collaboration with Pain Specialists

After completing the functional assessments, the OT shares their findings and recommendations with a Pain Specialist, who reviews the case and consults with the patient.

Certificate of Capacity

The Pain Specialist provides their final recommendations and certificate, considering the patient's current abilities, necessary workplace accommodations, and potential for ongoing progress.


Our focus on functional outcomes is driven by the belief that pain management should go beyond just reducing pain levels. We believe that helping patients regain their ability to perform daily activities, engage in meaningful work, and enjoy a fulfilling life is crucial to their overall well-being.

This focus emphasises the importance of restoring patients' quality of life, rather than solely concentrating on pain relief. It recognises that pain significantly impacts a person's physical, emotional, and social well-being. By targeting functional outcomes, we address these interconnected aspects, enabling patients to regain control over their lives and achieve long-term success in managing their pain.

Working together for better outcomes

Each stakeholder involved in a patient's recovery journey has unique needs, reporting requirements, and processes - and we're here in service to all parties.


We maintain transparent and regular communication, and are available for case conferences, with all parties involved, sharing updates on patient progress, assessment results, and recommendations.


We actively collaborate with patients, rehab providers, insurers and employers to develop customized care plans that take into account their unique requirements and preferences.


We tailor our assessments, treatment plans, and reporting to meet the specific needs of each stakeholder.

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