General Practitioner & Physiotherapist

Daniel Geilings

B Physio, La Trobe University, 2009; MD, Melbourne University, 2015; FRACGP, 2021; Advanced Dry Needling, 2019; ACEM Emergency Medicine Certificate, 2018; Spinal Physiotherapy Level One, 2010; Sports Physiotherapy Level One, 2011; Club Doctor, Western Bulldogs AFLW, 2017-2022.
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Dan is a physiotherapist and general practitioner with a passion for pain management, musculoskeletal care and mental health. His dual qualifications equip him to address a comprehensive range of patient needs with a holistic evidence-based approach. Dan brings strong values around patient-centered care and over a decade of professional experience in treating conditions in various settings including general practice, hospitals, and sporting environments.

My Background

Dan's career started as a physiotherapist, specialising in headache management, chronic pain, and work rehabilitation programs. After gaining significant clinical experience, he expanded his knowledge base by teaching pilates and rehab programs while studying medicine. Following his medical graduation in 2015, Dan made a significant contribution to the AFLW from 2017 to 2022. In 2018, he diversified his clinical expertise to general practice, focusing on musculoskeletal medicine, chronic fatigue, and pain disorders.

My Approach

Dan adopts a patient-centered, solutions-oriented approach to pain care. He firmly believes in empowering patients by involving them in every stage of their care experience. His unique blend of physiotherapy and general practice allows him to develop individualised, comprehensive treatment plans. This includes understanding the root cause of a patient's discomfort and establishing realistic goals for recovery.

My Favourite Therapies

  • Diagnostic Investigation: Leveraging his deep knowledge in medical diagnostics, Daniel conducts meticulous investigations to diagnose persistent pain conditions. He prioritises excluding other potential conditions to hone in on the most effective treatment strategies.
  • Pain Medication Management: As a general practitioner, Daniel adeptly oversees pain medication regimens to provide relief while diligently monitoring for side effects.
  • Mental Health Support & Medication Management: Recognising the profound mental health implications often associated with persistent pain, Daniel delivers compassionate counselling and medication oversight to aid patients in their emotional journey.
  • Post Viral Fatigue & Infection Treatment: Drawing from his expertise in chronic fatigue and post-viral syndromes, Daniel prescribes tailored treatments for those grappling with these challenges.
  • Chronic Injury Management: Tapping into his foundation in physiotherapy and sports medicine, Daniel offers adept care for chronic injuries, an invaluable asset for those battling enduring musculoskeletal discomfort.
  • Fatigue and Energy Management: Daniel devises strategies and interventions to counteract fatigue and energy irregularities tied to persistent pain, assisting patients in better navigating their daily routines.
  • Hormonal Care: Recognising the potential influence of hormonal imbalances on pain, Daniel ensures meticulous monitoring and management of hormone levels to mitigate symptoms.
  • IBS Support: Given the frequent intersection of persistent pain with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Daniel provides specialist IBS care and guidance.
  • Spinal Physiotherapy: Harnessing his specific expertise in spinal physiotherapy, Daniel targets prevalent areas of pain and tension, fostering enhanced relief and mobility.
  • Patient Education on Self-Care and Injury Prevention: Prioritising patient empowerment, Daniel imparts self-care practices and injury prevention methods, enabling individuals to gain a stronger grip on their conditions.
  • Multidisciplinary Team Care: Teaming up with a cadre of health professionals, Daniel guarantees holistic, multidisciplinary care for those with persistent pain, ensuring all facets of their well-being are considered.

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