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At Painless, we're firm believers in the power of human connection. Pain, in all its complexity, is not just a solitary experience—it's a shared narrative. That's why we're seeking a Social Worker who, like us, understands that the story of pain is more than just a medical journey—it's a deeply human one.

Location: Remote and/or in-person options available.

Hours: Flexible, with a minimum commitment of 4 hours per week.

Why Painless?

We focus not only on alleviating pain but also on understanding, engaging with, and viewing it as an opportunity for resilience and personal growth.

As a Social Worker within our team, you're a confidante and a navigator in the journey of our patients. You'll join a diverse, dedicated team committed to transforming the way we understand and respond to pain, building bridges between the clinical world and the human narrative.

In Your Role, You Will

  • Support Patient Journeys: Be a trusted ally for our patients, providing them with resources, guidance, and advocacy as they navigate their pain journeys.
  • Cultivate Understanding: Help us to deepen our understanding of the social and emotional aspects of pain by bringing your unique perspectives and insights to our interdisciplinary team.
  • Promote Communication: Foster open dialogue between patients, families, and our team, ensuring that every voice is heard and respected.
  • Collaborate and Learn: Work closely with our interdisciplinary team, joining us in expanding our knowledge, and reimagining the narrative of pain.

Who You Are

  • You are a licensed Social Worker, holding a bachelor's or master's degree in social work from an accredited university and registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).
  • You appreciate the interplay between physical health and social, emotional, and environmental factors.
  • You possess a passion for holistic, patient-centred care and an innate empathy and an unwavering commitment to supporting individuals in their most challenging times.
  • You're a natural collaborator, you thrive in team settings and value the perspectives of others.
  • You're eager to learn, to share, and to contribute to an environment that values mutual growth and understanding.

What We Offer

  • A Community of Care: At Painless, you're joining a team united by empathy, respect, and a shared commitment to understanding pain.
  • Continued Growth: We provide opportunities for professional development and learning, keeping you abreast of the latest developments in pain science, social work, and patient care.
  • An Empathetic Culture: We foster an environment where compassion and understanding are not just values—they're at the heart of what we do.

In the narrative of pain, you could play a vital role—one of understanding, compassion, and advocacy. If you're ready to make a tangible difference in the lives of those grappling with pain, we'd love to meet you.

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