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Getting Started With Your Pain Care


First, welcome to Painless — we're honoured that you, and your doctor, have chosen us to support you on your mission towards a life with less pain.

Who We Help

Who is Painless for? Well, as the name suggests, we're here in service to those living with persistent pain. From everyday aches and niggles, right through to the most complex chronic conditions.

What Makes Us Different

Importantly though - pain is not all we see. We see the human in you. The person, the partner, the mum or dad, the daughter or son. We see your life, your everyday experience — and we see what pain takes away from it.

If you've received a referral to Painless, it's because you and your referrer see it too, and you want more than a life limited by pain and illness.

Meet Your Practitioners

Your referral enables you to book and claim Medicare rebates for any of our doctors. We encourage you to review our doctors' bios and select the person best suited to your needs.

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To book your appointment online, press the button below. If you're not so confident with online bookings, or would just prefer to speak to a person, please don't hesitate to call our team on 1300-429-411.

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