Privacy and security

Rest assured, we've taken every precaution to ensure your video consults are private and secure.

We are aware of the recent media concerns regarding a vulnerability to Zoom's security and have taken additional measures to ensure your video consults are 100% private and secure.

Typically, Zoom meetings are generated using only a single 12-digit ID number — not unlike a credit card number. With COVID-19 forcing many to work from home, the number of Zoom meetings being conducted across the globe at any one time has skyrocketed — making it easier for hackers to randomly generate an accurate 12-digit code and "Zoom-bomb" a video consultation.

These security vulnerabilities have been circumvented through the following measures....


Password protection

A Password is now required to enter any Painless video consult. This password is encrypted in the "Begin Appointment" button enabling you to join with just one click without having to enter the password. Anyone without access to the Join Button must know the password to enter.

This means no one besides you and your practitioners will ever be able to join your video call.


Waiting-room protection

In addition to the password protection, we also use the Zoom "waiting room" feature. This feature provides your practitioner with complete control over who joins the Zoom meeting, so you never have to worry about "Zoom-bombing".

No-one can enter the meeting without the explicit approval of the host - your healthcare practitioner. We've been using this feature since the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic.