Getting started

Two simple steps to prepare for your video consultation.

Before getting started...

Having found it to be the quickest and easiest option for delivering quality digital care, we use Zoom for all our video appointment. There's no need to sign up or create an account. Simply follow the steps below to begin.

Need technical support?

For technical support, please contact us prior to your appointment. We'll ensure one of our friendly support team members are available to talk you through the process via phone.

Your privacy is protected.

We are aware of the recent media concerns regarding a vulnerability to Zoom's security and have taken additional measures to ensure your video consults are 100% private and secure.


Download Zoom

Select one of the following options to download Zoom to your device. Having trouble? Click here for more download options.


Click the "Begin Appointment" button in your invitation email

In preparation for your video consult, Painless will send you an email invitation. At the time indicated in your email, click the "Begin Appointment" button begin.

Please note, if your practitioner is not already logged on and waiting, don't worry, they won't be far away.

Can't find your email invitation?

If you're having trouble finding the email invitation for your appointment, please check your spam. If you are using Gmail's built-in inbox configurations, you may also need to check the "updates" tabs.

Note: saving our email address - - to your contacts will help ensure reliable delivery.