Shenae Reynolds | Registered Psychologist.

Registered Psychologist with a passion for working in a diverse team focused on restoring full health to people with complex chronic pain.

As a Psychologist at Painless, Shenae prides herself on providing a safe and warm environment to nurture personal growth and enrichment in her client's quality of life. She aims to support people living with persistent pain to feel empowered and to regain their independence and restore their full health.

intersectionS between the Body and Mind.

"My clinical experience has taught me the importance of compassion and empathy in a health practitioners’ role - and just how crucial this is when treating someone with persistent pain.

As a result, my focus is on providing a deeply safe space for my clients. A space in which they can feel they are truly being seen and their experience is being heard.

A space where their individual and unique pain experience is acknowledged. And a space where I can help them work towards personal growth."

My areas of expertise

Pain education
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Relaxation techniques


Four years training with Curtin University in Counselling and Psychology services

My Story

Growing up I didn’t really have an idea about what I wanted to do once I left school. I always remember saying to my mum no matter what it is I just want to make an impact in people’s lives. Once I started ATAR in high school, I remember learning about psychological theories in one of my classes. I was so intrigued by the topic, so much so that I would go home and do my own research and find myself in a rabbit hole of information. That’s when I decided I wanted to study psychology.

My excitement to learn more has grown ever since.

From the time I was about 8 years old I would complain about having a sore back to my mum. Growing up in the great southern region, there were limited resources - and it took many trips to Perth to attend Doctor, Physiotherapist and Chiropractor appointments. I was always left with no answers and the same explanation: “It’s just because she’s growing”. It wasn’t until I was 12, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and finally felt a sense of relief, at last there was an answer.

While searching for a placement after graduation I came across Painless. I remember thinking to myself if only I knew of a clinic like this when I was travelling all around Perth going to different specialists. I was excited by the opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team of highly motivated pain science professionals. From that point forward, I knew this was the area for me. If my expertise can help to make people’s journey of pain management that little bit easier, I would consider that to be the most invaluable and rewarding job of all.

This experience taught me the importance of compassion and empathy in a health practitioners’ role, and how crucial this is when treating someone with persistent pain. I hope to provide a safe space to my clients, in which they can feel like they are truly being seen and that their experience is being heard.

My Approach

In sessions with me you can expect me to be warm, inviting, non-judgemental and compassionate. I continually incorporate the latest evidence-based research into my practice to ensure I can always provide the best possible treatments for my clients.

My approach to client care aims to incorporate all factors of your life and lived experience, including not only the physical, but social, psychological and biological.

I believe that my clients should be at the centre of their own care, which is why I aim to provide a collaborative approach in which we work together to achieve your treatment goals.


Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), 2021
Registered Provisional Psychologist with the Psychology Board Australia  
Member of the Australian Psychological Society (Assoc MAPS)

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