Michelle Broughton | Pain Coach & Occupational Therapist

Pain Coach & Occupational Therapist with a special interest in sports science.

Michelle’s curiosity to understanding the unique relationship of the mind, body and social interactions of every individual plays an important role in facilitating quality service outcomes.

As a pain coach and occupational therapist, Michelle enables clients to live rich and meaningful lives by putting them back in the drivers seat of their recovery.

Every story is valuable

“To be truly seen, requires understanding from the heart. Empathy and compassion are at the core of my practise, with unique person-centred goals driving the journey I take with you toward pain recovery.

This means meeting your clinical needs, but it also means working with you to address wider aspects of your health and well-being.”

My areas of expertise

Person-Centred Goal Planning
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Acceptance Commitment Therapy
Sensory Processing
Neurobiology of Trauma
Life Skills Coaching


Over ten years of experience working with children, adolescent and adults in a variety of contexts.
Experience working with National Disability Insurance Scheme’s
Experience working in Workers Compensation sector
Experience working in the Transport Accident Commission sector

My Story

As a child, I was told that I was always incredibly curious. I could never just be told information and treat it as a fact. Rather, I had to delve deeply into topics and unpack them myself.... and it seems that desire to understand people, things and events followed me through into adulthood as I came across the term ‘Occupational Therapy’.

After completing a double degree in sport science, exercise & health, many of my peers ventured off into the work force, focusing on the physical aspects of the human body. I knew this path was not going to bring me the joy and meaning in life I aspired to achieve. So, instead I spent the next six months searching for my ‘calling’.

Ironically, it was during this period that those closest to me required occupational therapy to enable their participation in areas of their lives that held most meaning to them, whilst they underwent some painful transitions. The unique approaches I witnessed triggered my child-like curiosity and before I knew it, my passion was ignited and I attained my masters in occupational therapy.    

In 2020, I joined Painless as a Patient Experience Team Member which led to my current position as an Occupational Therapist and Pain Coach for the clinic.

My service provision is driven by evidence-based practise, guided by understanding the biopsychosocial aspects of the unique person and their life through an empathetic lens.

Understanding how pain impacts the quality of life one lives, and how to overcome those barriers, is the problem-solving journey I’m invested in taking with you.

My Approach

Pain is a unique, human experience and should be treated as such. This requires a holistic approach to the service I provide. I not only look at the physical and psychological aspects of each person, but also the social aspects in a variety of contexts. From the past, the present and the future. Through close collaboration with other multidisciplinary team members, we are able to provide you with quality care, catered specifically for your needs.

I am a strong believer in pushing away from ‘band aid’ solutions and getting to the core of what is causing the experience of pain and how to manage it effectively, so that life can be lived with meaning and purpose.

Evidence suggests that when patients are actively involved in their treatment process, their overall health outcomes are better. Therefore, I strive to walk on this journey alongside each and every one of you by providing you with the education and practical skills to engage in and make informed decisions about the treatment process. The end goal is to place the power back in your hands so that you are enabled to engage in activities that are meaningful and important to you.  


Master of Occupational Therapy, MOccTherapy, 2021
Bachelor of Science in Sport Science, Exercise & Health, BSc, 2017.

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