General Practitioner. Complex Chronic Conditions, Autism + ADHD.

Lachlan Fieldhouse

Bachelor of Medicine, Newcastle University, NSW; Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners; Leadership for Clinicians, Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators, Approved Prescriber of Medical Cannabis.
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Dr. Lachlan is a dedicated General Practitioner with a penchant for understanding and aiding patients across the vast spectrum of human experiences. With around 15 years of relentless clinical experience, he holds a special interest in mental health, medicinal cannabis therapy, chronic pain, and complex comorbid chronic disease care. Pioneering medicinal cannabis therapy in Tasmania since 2021, Dr. Lachlan’s diverse clinical scope lends a uniquely valuable skillset to the Painless team.

My Background

Dr. Lachlan embarked on his medical journey at Newcastle University, earning his Bachelor of Medicine in 2004. His early years were foundational, starting as a Medical Intern at Orange Base Hospital, progressing swiftly to roles such as Psychiatric Registrar at Chisholm Ross Centre and Resident Medical Officer. These foundational years not only solidified his medical expertise but also ignited his passion for mental health and holistic care. Lachlan's keen interest and proficiency in his field were evident, and in a short span, he achieved Fellowships from both the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

His move to New Zealand marked a significant phase in his career. Lachlan showcased his entrepreneurial spirit by taking on pivotal roles in Te Kauwhata, contributing immensely to the community. He established the Te Kauwhata College Student Health Clinic and became a partner at the Te Kauwhata Health Centre. Simultaneously, he took on visiting roles in various institutions like Aparangi Rest Home and the Springhill Corrections Facility. This period was also indicative of his adaptability and dedication, transitioning seamlessly from managing health in correctional facilities to nurturing students' well-being.

Returning to Australia, Lachlan's career took a formidable turn towards medical education and administration. By 2014, he was shaping the future of General Practitioners as the Director of Training at General Practice Training Tasmania. His commitment to medical education was further underlined when he took on the role of National Clinical Lead at the Fellowship Pathways Division of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Parallelly, his clinical practice continued to flourish. He became a pioneering figure in Tasmania by introducing medicinal cannabis therapy in 2021. Amidst his professional accomplishments, Lachlan's personal touch was ever-present – his easy-going nature, love for puzzles, and dedication to every patient, from children to older adults, making him a cherished figure in the medical community.

My Approach

Known for his easy-going and humbly confident nature, Dr. Lachlan thrives on the challenge of complex cases, ranging from children to older adults. Believing in a comprehensive approach to primary care and community health, he is committed to creating healthy outcomes for those with chronic conditions, particularly in the realms of mental health and pain. He extends this ethos into his roles in medical education, fostering the next generation of GPs with dedication and deep knowledge, especially in medical regulation and medicolegal issues. His contributions are not limited to the confines of a clinic; they also echo in the broader medical community, having led various training programs, conferences, and other educational initiatives.

My Favourite Therapies

  1. Mental Health: Dr. Lachlan deeply understands the intricacies of mental health and prioritizes a patient-centered approach. He believes in holistic care that goes beyond medications, focusing on understanding patients' life stories and offering comprehensive mental wellness strategies.
  2. Medicinal Cannabis Therapy: Since pioneering medicinal cannabis therapy in Tasmania in 2021, Dr. Lachlan utilizes this treatment selectively, ensuring patients receive evidence-based care tailored to their unique needs and conditions.
  3. Chronic Pain Management: Dr. Lachlan's approach to chronic pain encompasses a combination of modern medical techniques and patient education. He empowers his patients to understand their pain, offering both medical and lifestyle interventions for improved quality of life.
  4. Men’s Health: Focusing on the unique health concerns of men, Dr. Lachlan adopts a comprehensive approach. He emphasizes the importance of regular screenings, mental well-being, and preventative measures to ensure long-term health.
  5. ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder): Dr. Lachlan recognizes ADHD as a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects both children and adults. His approach is multifaceted, combining medical management with behavioral interventions and patient (or parent) education, ensuring individuals with ADHD can thrive both academically and socially.
  6. ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder): Dr. Lachlan approaches ASD with a deep understanding of its spectrum nature. He collaborates with multi-disciplinary teams to provide individualized care, emphasizing early interventions, tailored therapies, and family support. His focus is on harnessing the strengths of those with ASD while addressing their unique challenges.
  7. Gender Affirming Patient Care: Dr. Lachlan creates an inclusive and safe environment for all patients, understanding the specific medical and emotional needs of those undergoing gender transition. His empathetic and knowledgeable approach ensures patients receive both medical and psychological support.
  8. Complex Comorbid Chronic Disease Care: Dr. Lachlan's vast experience equips him to handle patients with multiple coexisting chronic diseases. His methodology focuses on integrated care plans, closely monitoring interactions and ensuring each condition is optimally managed.
  9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Understanding the multifaceted nature of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Dr. Lachlan adopts a multidimensional approach. He combines medical treatments with lifestyle interventions and patient education to combat this debilitating condition.

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