Occupational Therapist & Clinical Pain Coach

Bronte Moloney

BSc. Occupational Therapy (Hons). Graduate Certificate in Mental Health (Currently Completing).
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Bronte is a dedicated Occupational Therapist with an passionate commitment to facilitating patient empowerment. Her primary areas of interest lie in persistent pain, neurological conditions, women's health and mental health. Having worked across community settings, hospitals, and in injury management roles for WA Police, Bronte works to empower each individual with the support they need to live the life they want to live.

My Background

Bronte's professional path in occupational therapy commenced with her immersion in community-based therapy under the NDIS at ORS Group. This experience fine-tuned her understanding of patient autonomy and the nuances of daily living. Her work as a Client Liaison Officer with the Western Australia Police Force’s Injury Management unit further enriched her perspective, where she was instrumental in offering early intervention strategies, vocational guidance, and wellness programs, especially to those grappling with psychological challenges and physical injuries.

Deepening her clinical knowledge through student placement and volunteer work, Bronte has held positions as a Student Occupational Therapist, both at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital's Neurology Department and with Therapy Focus. These roles sharpened her expertise in neurophysical assessments, upper limb rehabilitation, and patient-centric therapeutic sessions. Bronte also volunteered as an Occupational Therapist Assistant at St John of God, Subiaco, where she assisted in program development and patient advocacy.

My Approach

At the core of Bronte's methodology is the essence of compassionate listening, fortified by her ability to build genuine connections with her clients. She holds a steadfast belief in nurturing a collaborative environment that underscores empowerment, growth, and forward movement. Bronte's empathetic disposition, combined with her commitment to client-focused care, seeks to foster transformative changes in her clients' journeys.

Bronte's strengths, from creative problem-solving to a strong emphasis on professional development, combined with her compassionate demeanor, make her a valuable advocate for her clients. Her dedication to her work is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge, ensuring she remains at the forefront of her field.

My Favourite Therapies

  • Mental Health Support: Bronte extends unwavering mental health support, especially for those navigating the intricacies of neurological conditions and women's health.
  • Vocational Counselling: Bronte provides invaluable insights for those aiming to navigate or adjust within their professional sphere, ensuring a balance between symptom management and occupational productivity.
  • Functional Upgrading: She aids individuals in progressively amplifying their activity levels, accentuating improved strength and endurance without exacerbating symptoms.
  • Mindfulness + Relaxation Strategies: With a focus on creating a balanced mind-body connection, Bronte introduces techniques like meditation and deep breathing exercises, addressing the often overlooked mental dimensions of persistent pain.
  • Ergonomic + Adaptive Equipment: Bronte educates individuals on the optimal use of adaptive tools, facilitating ease in daily tasks and reducing physical strain.
  • Energy + Fatigue Management: She emphasizes strategies for even energy distribution throughout the day, countering the effects of chronic fatigue and elevating vitality levels.
  • Self-Care Instruction: Through holistic education on self-care strategies, Bronte touches upon crucial subjects like pain navigation, sleep rituals, and mindful nutrition.
  • Neurological Rehabilitation: Leveraging her expertise in neurological conditions, Bronte assists individuals in fine-tuning their neural responses, enhancing overall neurological well-being.
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation: Attuned to the cognitive challenges accompanying persistent conditions, Bronte offers cognitive enrichment techniques, fortifying critical cognitive facets like memory and attention.

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