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Grounded in the principles of health creation, functional pain medicine gets to the source of your pain to achieve lasting relief.

Functional pain medicine
Experience an entirely different approach to pain medicine.

Give yourself the best chance to achieve lasting relief by listening to the needs of your whole body.

By first stepping back, to look at the complete picture of your pain (and health in general), functional medicine combines specialised interventions and therapies with practical lifestyle changes to go beyond "sick care" — into true "healthcare".

Cookie cutters have no place in medicine

“No two people experience pain the same way, therefore, they shouldn’t be treated the same way. We aim to personalise every aspect of our care to each patient and their unique circumstances”.


Medical services and therapies

Comprehensive diagnostics
Pathology, imaging and genetic testing
Formal assessments and reports
Pain medications management
Sleep medication support
Targeted therapeutic supplements
Minimally-invasive pain procedures
Lifestyle and self-pain-care strategies
And much more...

Meet our medical practitioners

Pain specialists
General practitioners with special interest persistent pain
Paediatric specialists
Pain proceduralists
Aged-care practitioner

The inspirations for our approach...

“We no longer think of pain as a measure of tissue damage – it doesn’t actually work that way even in highly controlled experiments. We now think of pain as a complex and highly sophisticated protective mechanism.”


"Only together can we disrupt the current healthcare model, shifting the paradigm away from the over-dependency on pharmaceuticals, to create a health focused, empowerment model."


"You have the power to take health into your own hands. You have the power to prevent disease and help your body and discover what it means to feel your best."

— Mark HYMAN, CLEVELAND CLINIC Center for functional medicine

“The traditional health care system is not designed to handle the multitude of chronic problems we face in our modern world.”

— CHRIS KRESSER, California Center for Functional Medicine

“Chronic pain is really less about the body and more about what’s happening in the brain and nervous system. That doesn’t mean we ignore what’s going on in the body, because there are aspects of our physical body that are important, but chronic pain really needs to be treated by what’s called a biopsychosocial perspective, and that’s a fancy word but it means we have to look at whats happening in the body, but also what is happening in someone’s brain and nervous system as well as the complete environment in which they live.”

— JOE TATTA, Integrative Pain Science Institute

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