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Share your story, create goals and establish a clear plan for change with clinical pain coaching.

Begin your care with pain coaching and rest easy knowing you'll receive the right care, right away.

Healthcare is messy, isolating and — often times — overwhelming. Particularly so when you're in pain; exhausted and desperate for real, impactful solutions.

Let's remove that complexity and confusion once and for all by integrating all your care needs into one clear, decisive plan — based on what matters most to you and your life.


"Wouldn't it be nice to have to one clear, practical pathway forward? No complexity, no contradictions, no confusion. Just clarity, confidence and real, lasting progress. Every intervention strategically integrated to reach your goals. This is why our pain coaching service exists."


Michelle Broughton, PAIN COACH & Occupational Therapist

Caitlin McPHee, PAIN COACH & Physiotherapist

See how it works

Identify goals

Narrowing in on real-world change, we establish functional, achievable goals — including, but extending beyond, pain reduction — to begin improving your quality of life.

Share your story

Understanding what matters to you is essential, so this is where we begin. Diving into your story, and learning about your life, we'll take the time to meet you where you are.

Assess your pain and health

Next, we'll collaborate in a comprehensive health assessment to develop a "whole person" understanding of your pain and identify the options available to resolve it.

Review your progress

Monitoring your progress, and celebrating your wins, your Painless practitioners will be right beside you, as you achieve — and evolve — your health goals.

Create your care plan

Together, we'll formulate a practical plan, integrating the most targeted strategies available, to begin making progress right away — both at home, and in practice.

Benefits of pain coaching...

Remove the guesswork to make confident, informed health decisions.
Ensure you go on to see the most specialised, well-suited health practitioners for your needs.
Apply structure and specificity to otherwise vague, disorganised strategies.
Feel supported and empowered in partnership with an expert "mentor".
Receive insights that allow you to understand your pain in new ways.
Focus your health care around the goals that matter most to you, and your life.
Become increasingly independent, as your own "primary carer", and break the cycle of rinse-repeat therapies.

What's involved?

Whole-person health assessment
Shared decision-making skills
Functional goal setting
Lifestyle design and support
Professional care planning
Pain science education
Pain tools and resources
Health coaching and counselling
Formal report writing and case reviews

Reports & insurance

Following your initial appointment, your coach will compile a comprehensive report detailing a clear pathway forward.

This report serves as a compass; enabling you (and your extended medical team) to navigate your pain care with confidence and clarity.

For those with health insurance case or claims managers, this report may also assist in the claims approval process.

Our clinical pain coaches

Our pain coaching team is compromised of senior occupational therapists, each with extensive experience in chronic pain care, functional medicine and rehabilitation.

Having undergone specialised pain care training, and working closely alongside some of Australia's leading pain specialists, our coaches combine the best of clinical medicine with a deep appreciation for whole-person, goal-based care.

Financial information

Painless supports a range of health cover options for pain coaching sessions. Rebates are able with most private health insurance providers.

For those with DVA, Worker's Compensation, Garrison or ICWA health cover, please contact our support team more information.

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Experience an approach to pain care that honors your goals first.

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