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The Painless mission.

We all know someone whose life has been touched by chronic pain. One in five Australians are living with it right now.

The strain chronic pain can place on a person - on their life, their family, their dreams - is immeasurable. And yet, it's estimated only 10% of pain sufferers ever receive access to effective pain care. This is despite the fact that current medical knowledge would allow 80% to be treated effectively, were they to gain access to the right care.

This was the mission from which Painless was born; to better serve people with pain.


Health professional support program.

Our way of supporting you to support your patients.

Painless Network is a support & referral program designed to achieve maximum impact in the lives of people with pain.

Like you, our team are passionate about achieving lasting relief for people with pain. Working together, we can serve them better. We work with you, provide free resources and keep you in the loop on any patient you send our way.