Pain procedures

Procedures in isolation can be band-aids. But alongside whole-person pain care: they're powerful tools to instigate lasting change.


Optimise your recovery before you even reach the hospital.

Prepare with targeted physiotherapy strategies.

Integrating physiotherapy, corrective exercises and self-care strategies, we'll work together to prepare your body tissues — both for the procedure itself and for a smooth recovery.

"We find that, when performed consistently, these physiotherapy exercises can be so effective for pain that some of our patients never undergo their procedure."

— Tracy Wallwork


Undergo your pain procedure to open your "window of opportunity".

Feel supported and safe applying a high-impact interventional strategy.

Procedures typically won't resolve your pain permanently . Rather, they can open a "window of opportunity" — an extended period of time during which your pain is significantly reduced — thereby enabling you to implement the therapies and self-care strategies that go upstream to the source of pain.


Seize your opportunity to resolve pain, foster health and create a new way of life.

Implement the self-care strategies that achieve long-lasting pain relief.

Engaging in active self-care strategies — optimising movement, sleep, nutrition and stress — can feel impossible when living with severe pain. With an extended period of pain relief, you can begin applying these tools with greater ease — achieving long-term pain reductions and fostering your overall health along the way.