Painless opioid policy


Please be advised that our medical team will not prescribe classical opioid medications for chronic pain management. These include morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine or methadone. These medications carry a very high-risk profile and have no efficacy in the management of chronic pain. If you feel you require these medications, and are not interested in opioid rotation and reduction support or atypical opioids (see below), please seek an alternate provider. You may cancel your appointment by following the instructions above.


Slow-release 'atypical' opioid medications - such as tramadol or tapentadol – carry fewer side-effects and a significantly reduced risk of overdose. Where medically required, our doctors may prescribe 'atypical' opioids as a pain management tool. We will always use these medications in conjunction with additional therapies and interventions designed to achieve long-term pain relief – ultimately reducing your need for opioid medications.


Our medical team have extensive experience supporting patients to reduce their dependence on opioid medications. If you are currently using opioids and wish to reduce your medication gradually, please speak to your Painless doctor about opioid rotation and reduction strategies. While engaged in opioid rotation or reduction strategies, opioids may be dispensed temporarily at the prescribing doctor's discretion until you are no longer at risk of withdrawal symptoms.