Soft Tissue Therapies

Alleviate muscle tension and pain in the pelvic area using manual techniques, promoting relaxation and relief.

How it works?

Soft Tissue Therapies come to the rescue when excessive muscle tension (hypertonic pelvic floor or pelvic floor hyperactivity) causes discomfort, pain and functional impairment. These therapies, like myofascial release and trigger point therapy, help to release and relax tight muscles, especially in the pelvic region. Techniques may be used externally, around the pelvis, or internally, within the vagina, depending on the source of pain.

That’s not all though – often times, patients with pelvic pain might also feel tightness in related areas like the hips, back, neck, calves, and even feet. By addressing all these areas, these therapies can provide a comprehensive relief.


Immediate Relief

Experience instant relief from that nagging pain.

Let’s Loosen Up

Muscle relaxation means you'll move more freely and comfortably.

Home Remedies

Once you've learned the ropes, you can even try certain techniques at home! Use tools like a pelvic wand for internal issues or things like spikey balls and foam rollers for external muscles. Think of it as your personal massage toolkit!

Who's it for?

Soft tissues therapies are suitable for those who, on assessment, have been shown to have tight musculature externally, or internal pelvic floor trigger points or high tone/tension.