Real Time Pelvic Ultrasound Assessment

Visualise the inner workings of your pelvic region with a real-time ultrasound, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment.

How it works?

Have you been introduced to the Real Time Ultrasound Assessment? It sounds fancy, but in simple terms, it's a type of scan that helps experts see how the muscles and organs in your pelvic area are doing. This non-invasive image can give a clear picture of your pelvic floor and the muscles and organs around it. Think of it like an ultrasound scan during pregnancy, but focused on the pelvic region. For example, it can be done over your belly to check on bladder functions, how your pelvic floor lifts or controls, and even how you brace your abdomen.


Accurate Diagnosis

Real Time Ultrasound can help pinpoint specific conditions related to the pelvic floor, as well as specific function changes or weaknesses.

Tailored Treatment Plans

This scan can offer precise and measurable details which guide the best course of action, for medical and physiotherapy treatment.

Biofeedback Tool

It's like a mirror for the inside; patients can actually see their pelvic floor muscles activate, which is super helpful for learning and developing voluntary muscle control!

A Gentle Approach

For women who might not want or can't have an internal examination, ultrasound provides a non-invasive option.

Who's it for?

Real Time Ultrasound is especially useful for those experiencing undiagnosed pelvic discomfort, but also for symptoms like unwanted leakage (incontinence) or prolapse (when an organ drops from its usual position). It's suitable for all ages and may provide a non-invasive option to those not wishing or able to undergo an internal assessment.