Pelvic Region Nerve Block

Diminish pain signals in the pelvic region using specialized nerve block techniques.

How it works?

Imagine your body's pain system as a complex electrical circuit. At times, certain 'wires' or nerves can become overly sensitive, causing heightened pain. The superior hypogastric plexus block is like a specialized 'switch' that can turn down this sensitivity. It's a procedure where a pain specialist targets the sympathetic nerve system to help reduce the hypersensitivity of pain.


Pain Relief

This procedure can help dial down the intensity of pain, and relieve excessive muscle tension/tone in the pelvic region, giving you a much-needed reprieve.

Improve Daily Living

For those whose daily life is greatly affected by pain, this procedure can help enhance function and overall quality of life.

A Helping Hand for Other Treatments

It doesn't just stop at pain relief. This block serves as a booster, creating a "treatment window." This means that after the procedure, other physical therapies can be more effective because the pain isn't standing in the way.

Who's it for?

If you're grappling with persistent pelvic pain conditions and haven't found relief with standard treatments, this might be an option worth considering.