Pelvic Floor Biofeedback Tools

Optimise your pelvic floor exercises using biofeedback tools, ensuring precision and effectiveness.

How it works?

Imagine having a personal trainer for your pelvic floor muscles that you can consult at any time, right at home. That's essentially what biofeedback tools like the "Pelvic Floor Educator" or Elvie are designed to do. These gadgets are prescribed to give you real-time feedback, making sure you're doing your pelvic exercises correctly. Think of them as your personal pelvic floor 'coaches' that help you practice right at home.


Do It Right, Every Time

The devices ensure that you're doing your exercises correctly, making the most out of every session.

Stay Focused

These tools help you target the correct muscles, reducing unnecessary straining in other muscle groups.

Be Mindful

The tools enhance your awareness and control over your pelvic floor, making it easier for you to understand and manage your symptoms.

Who's it for?

If you've been diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction and need to perform pelvic floor exercises, these tools can be a great addition to your treatment plan.