Dilator Therapy

Ease pelvic discomfort and enhance sexual function using dilator therapy, a gradual and controlled approach.

How it works?

Dilator Therapy is a gradual, gentle, prescriptive process that uses vaginal dilators to address and alleviate pelvic pain, particularly improving one's sexual function. It's sort of like gentle stretching exercises, but for the vaginal area. Designed specifically for cases where the pelvic floor is too tight or painful, these dilators aim to make you feel more comfortable and in control.


Pain-Free Intimacy

No more discomfort during those intimate moments.

Enhanced Sexual Function

Rediscover pleasure and intimacy in your relationship.

A Relaxed Pelvic Floor

The therapy focuses on gently easing the pelvic floor muscles, ensuring they aren't too tense or causing discomfort.

Who's it for?

Dilator Therapy is especially beneficial for those diagnosed with conditions like Vaginismus, Genitopelvic Pain Disorder, Vulvodynia, or general Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Essentially, if you experience pain during intercourse, have pelvic discomfort, or an overly active pelvic floor, this might be the solution for you.