Bladder Diary

Track your urinary habits with a bladder diary, offering insights into frequency, volume, and irregularities.

How it works?

Imagine having a personal journal, but instead of recording your thoughts and feelings, you jot down your bathroom visits. That's essentially a Bladder Diary! It's a record spanning three days where patients detail their trips to the restroom, noting down how often, how much, and if there were any leakage episodes. Sounds simple, right? But this diary is a powerful tool to understand what's going on with your bladder and pelvic health.


Pinpointing Problems

With this diary, clinicians can identify conditions like overactive bladder or instances when there's unintended leakage (incontinence).

Creating a Custom Plan

Knowing your bladder habits means your pelvic physiotherapist can suggest more specific and trailored strategies for your unique needs. This might include techniques to retrain your bladder, adopting certain behaviors, or even changing up your fluid intake.

Check the Progress

Down the road, revisiting the diary can show if treatments and strategies are making a difference. It's like a before-and-after snapshot of your bladder's behavior!

Who's it for?

If you're someone who faces bladder discomforts or challenges, such as Bladder Pain Syndrome, overactivity, or incontinence, this diary can be especially beneficial.