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At Painless, our understanding of pain steps beyond its recognition as a symptom - it is something that profoundly influences one's physical, emotional, and cognitive states.

Acknowledging the personal and subjective nature of each individual's pain experience, we emphasise the significance of active participation in the journey towards well-being. Our approach is informed by serious pain science and is steeped in the enactive model of care, which places a premium on understanding pain through its manifestations in individual lived experiences.

As we expand our team, we are currently looking for a General Practitioner who is prepared to extend their professional expertise within an interdisciplinary practice setting. The ideal candidate would appreciate the complexity of pain, and be motivated to make a real difference in the lives of our patients, through an empathetic and evidence-based approach to care.

In this role, you will find a balance between professional engagement and lifestyle flexibility. Whether your aim is to diversify your patient base or fine-tune your work schedule, this position accommodates your professional aspirations with a minimum time commitment of just 4 hours per week.

Location: Primarily remote work, with in-clinic work if desired.

Hours: Flexible. From as little as 4 hours per week.

Who We Hope to Welcome to Painless

  • A practitioner knowledgeable about pain or displays a keen interest in pain and its many layers of impact.
  • An individual who shares our whole-person, patient-centred approach, embodying empathy and understanding in every interaction.
  • Technologically adept, open to utilising our digital platform to provide exceptional care from wherever you are.
  • An individual with a current APHRA registration.
  • A practitioner with a commitment to learning, sharing, and growth, driven by a sense of service and a pursuit of excellence in pain care.

Your Role in Painless

  • Provide comprehensive, individualised care, exploring various factors that influence the experience of pain.
  • Collaborate with our interdisciplinary team, co-creating innovative and holistic care plans.
  • Conduct consultations via telemedicine, facilitating accessible, flexible, and frequent patient interactions.
  • Stay abreast of the latest research in pain science, proactively integrating novel insights into patient care.
  • Provide emotional support and guidance, helping individuals navigate their journey with resilience and hope.
  • Contribute to our culture of learning, sharing your knowledge, experiences, and insights to continually enrich our approach to pain care.

Painless: Our Culture & Ethos

At Painless, we believe in honouring the whole person, not just the pain they carry. Our compassionate, listening-centred ethos is at the heart of our approach, encouraging individuals to take an active role in their healing. This ethos extends to our team members who are the agents of change, embodying our mission to transform the narrative of pain.

Why Join Painless?

  • Opportunity to work remotely, offering flexibility and accessibility.
  • Contribute to a mission-driven team, passionate about transforming pain care.
  • Participate in the continuous evolution of our processes and model of care, shaping unique patient experiences.
  • Access to continuous learning opportunities, fostering your professional growth.
  • Engage with our interdisciplinary team, providing a collaborative environment and a diverse pool of expertise.
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