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Physiotherapy for pain care

How can we help you?

Physiotherapy serves two primary purposes in pain care. The first, and most obvious, is supporting your musculoskeletal system. Strengthening weaknesses, correcting imbalances, releasing tension: all strategies designed to enhance your physical function.

The second, more obscure (but no less important), purpose of physiotherapy is retraining, not your muscles, but the neural networks of your brain that produce pain. It's through this process of neuroplasticity that we achieve long-term pain relief.

Psychology in pain care

How can we help you?

Most people think of psychology simply as "talk therapy". When it comes to pain, "talk therapy" is only a very small component of the toolkit.

Pain psychology is a very specialised form of psychology designed to rewire the neural networks in your brain — thereby reprogramming the way your brain perceives threat and, in response, generates pain.

Occupational therapy in pain care

How can we help you?

Many people associate the term "occupation" with work, and therefore consider occupational therapy to only be all about "returning to work". In reality, the term "occupation" simply means "activity" – anything that "occupies" your time.

Occupational therapy is about returning to the activities that bring value and meaning to your life. It equips you with the tools and skills you need to perform any activities that are important to you with greater ease (and less pain).

Nutritional medicine for pain care

How can we help you?

To your body, food is more than just "fuel". Food is information. Everything you eat elicits physiological changes across multiple systems of your body —some health-promoting, some health-damaging.

In pain care, nutritional medicine is the practice of both, a) supporting your body with the nutrients it needs to perform optimally, and b) applying targeted protocols to elicit specific desirable changes.