Injured worker recovery

Moving beyond classical passive interventions to activate our most powerful resource – the patient's engagement.


Restoring resilience and capabilities after a workplace injury.

Passive treatments that disempower and disappoint.
An engaging, experiential turning-point for injured workers.

Restoring normal functional abilities after a major injury is rarely achievable without an individual's active participation in their care.

Empowering individuals with the right tools, education and expert care, our worker's compensation care packages support injured workers to move beyond the limitations of pain and injury, to implement the active self-management strategies required to achieve long-term progress.


Whole-person pain care package.

Our whole-person entry pathway is not merely a series of appointments or services. It's an experiential turning point.

A carefully-architected intervention to change the course of an injured worker's future.

As an insurer, you need data. You need a complete picture of an injured worker and their care requirements. With comprehensive "whole-person" assessments and expert care-planning conducted by our most specialised practitioners, we remove the guesswork from your claims management process.

But, we don't stop there. Beyond meeting your needs as an insurer, this care pathway facilitates a defining pivot in the life of an injured worker — restoring their hope, gaining their commitment to change and empowering them to become active participants in their care.


Tailored interventional pain care packages.

Our care packages are not fixed programs. Rather, they're templates — structured, with clear aims, and plenty of room to personalised, and humanise, the patient experience.

Informed by functional goals and our whole-person care plan, we partner with injured worker's to restore lost capabilities and foster resilience.

Capabilities package

Integrating a tailored combination of physical therapies, occupational therapy and active self-care interventions, injured worker's are supported to overcome the physical limitations of their pain.

Restoring physical capabilities for a life unhindered by pain.

Overcome specific physical weaknesses or challenges that limit one's capabilities.
Promote active engagement in physical activity and movement practices.
Employ neuroplasticity-based therapies to dampen nervous system hypersensitivity.
Implement ergonomic tools and environmental modifications to support functionality.
Develop confidence in one's ability to perform normal functional activities with ease.
Where applicable, optimise recovery from a procedural intervention, with specialised prehab and rehab care.

Creating a springboard into a new future and way of life.

Restore a sense of ownership over one's health and ongoing health care.
Foster a growth-mindset and commitment to achieving one's functional goals.
Develop confidence in one's ability to implement and maintain active self-management strategies.
Incorporate solutions-orientated coping skills and positive psychology tools.
Begin re-engaging in meaningful activities and social connection.
Where applicable, begin vocational counselling, return-to-work strategising and skill development.

Resilience package

Under the care of expert rehabilitation-focused practitioners, injured workers are supported to overcome the psychosocial obstacles to long-term recovery and independence.

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