Support for Hospitals amid COVID-19

Applying the principles of intelligent problem-solving to support our heroes: Australia's healthcare workers.


Let's work smarter to support those who are working harder.

Australian hospitals — we're providing back-up, so you can save time, energy and valuable resources.

Amid this pandemic, non-COVID patients requiring urgent care will need to receive treatment efficiently and be discharged as fast as possible.

With customised solutions for your hospital and a streamlined handover process, we'll ensure your patients receive comprehensive follow-up pain care and return them to their primary carer — so you can focus on the larger matter at hand.

How we're supporting hospitals

The story that inspired our thinking: Let's not rush and make mistakes, let's just pass the baton efficiently.

The Japanese Men’s 4x100m relay team were the underdogs in the 2016 Rio Olympics. None of their team had ever run 100m in under 10 seconds. Yet they stunningly won the silver medal. They did so not by trying to run harder and faster, but rather, through intelligent problem-solving — by optimising the pass of the baton.

Valuable seconds are lost in relays due to clumsy baton handovers, and mistakes only increase when done so at speed.


We see this same challenge in healthcare — and will only see it more amid the COVID-19 crisis.

The handover of patients — from inpatient care to outpatient services for pain care — can be clumsy at the very best of times. Information gets lost or miscommunicated. Continuity and consistency of care are sacrificed. And the patient suffers as a result.

Of course, these challenges are never more prevalent than times like these — amid a major global health crisis — when hospitals are pushed to their breaking point and desperately in need of support.

Not only are the processes for passing the baton not optimised — but hospitals are now also being forced to speed-up. To run harder and faster than ever before in living memory. At Painless, we feel it's our responsibility, as fellow health professionals, and as human beings, to relieve this pressure in our area of practice — pain care.

Caring for non-COVID patients with acute or chronic pain.

Amid this pandemic, non-COVID patients requiring care for other serious illnesses or acute injuries need to receive hospital care efficiently and be discharged as fast as possible. Hospital workers will not have time for detailed handovers or regular follow-up —  they'll be onto the next patient (and rightly so).

Unfortunately, this may result in a sacrifice in the quality of care for this group of patients. For many patients leaving the hospital after a serious accident or illness (particularly those requiring surgery), pain management will become a very real challenge, and opioid related health complications will likely ensue.


We're offering support, to hospitals and their patients, anywhere across Australia.

So, we're faced with two options...


Run harder and faster, rush the process, risk dropping the baton.

We can turn to passive pain management strategies (like opioids) — skipping over the time-consuming process of patient education and follow-up support required optimise recovery, prevent opioid dependence, and reduce the risk of acute pain persisting to become chronic.



Intelligent problem-solving to optimise efficiency.

We can pass the baton, skillfully, to those who don't not have to sprint so hard. To specialists with well-established systems and processes to deliver comprehensive pain care, without the incredible pressures being applied by the coronavirus pandemic.

Our solutions

We'll work with you to deploy rapid, customised solutions, so you can conserve resources and pass the baton with confidence.

See how we're working with hospitals

We'll begin your patient on a multidisciplinary care plan

Guided by your protocols, the patient's needs and our values, we'll assess the patient and deliver thorough, ongoing pain care and support via video and secure messaging.

You deliver the essential hospital care your patient needs

Perhaps a patient come to you for serious injury, seeks support for their chronic illness or requires palliative care. You deliver the immediate care, then turn to us for back-up.

Pass the baton to an expert team for out-patient care

We'll collaborate to create a rapid, tailored solution to optimise the patient handover — ensuring complete continuity of care for your patient and saving time for your team.

We return your patient to their primary GP or specialist

Ensuring complete continuity of care, we'll return to the patient to the primary GP or specialist, with detailed records of their care and recommendations for any future support — so nothing get's lost along the way.

Receive updates and a comprehensive care report

Depending on your preferences, we'll provide short, regular updates (typically, once per fortnight) and a comprehensive pain care report eight weeks post discharge.

Now is not the time for slow, bureaucratic process — but, it is essential we ensure our solutions meet your specific requirements and uphold the health and safety of your patients.

While we have a large experienced team — with strong values surrounding "whole-person care" — we understand that every hospital and patient group has different requirements.

We will work with you, through this process, to optimise the passing of the baton — with your ease and efficiency, and your patient's wellbeing, at the forefront of our minds.