Why we exist

Healthcare has failed people in pain for far too long. We're setting out to be different.

As an experienced team, we're all too familiar with – and truthfully, disillusioned by – the shortfalls of conventional pain care.

The passive medicalisation of patients. Siloed reductionistic strategies. Dysfunctional hierarchies. Conservativism and close-mindedness. All outdated structures and systems that disempower, disengage and (understandably) disappoint people in pain.

Collectively, we've thought deeply about what it would take to truly break the mould. To implement new systems and processes, underpinned by strong values and an absolute commitment to placing patients first.

With imagination and rigour our interdisciplinary teams are actively confronting these complex problems to design new and better ways forward. To create care experiences that are more complete, more relevant, and more meaningful for the people who matter most – people in pain, people in need of help.

We believe it's time for change.

We do not believe in a siloed, provider-centric healthcare system. A system that too often leaves people feeling lost and confused. Disempowered and in the dark. In need but unrecognised and unsupported. Names on files. Numbers in queues. A secondary consideration to process efficiency, bureaucracy and "the way it's always been done".

At Painless, we believe in total integration and cooperation across the care continuum, all in service of one person, and one person only... you.

We believe in honouring the complexity that is a human being with human needs. We believe in coming together, integrating our skills, to form strategies that meet you where you are, and not the other way around. This is our defining point of difference – and our promise.

We are here, with you, and for you. As your support network, so you feel seen, understood and empowered through every step on the path to the life you want to live.

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