Our mission

Propelled by our model of whole-person care, we support people to resolve pain, create health and reclaim their lives.

Whole-person care puts people at the heart of every experience.

Whole-person care is an integration of science, strategy and–most importantly–humanism.

It's about not just targeting symptoms – but stepping back and taking the time to understand, and care for, the whole person in front of us.

Not just dispensing or prescribing – but listening, mentoring and collaborating to co-create and redefine your future.


Many in healthcare fail to view health as a life long journey. They push outcomes, with band-aid fixes, but forget about the person sitting in front of them. The person who is ultimately the custodian of their own health — you. We flip this at Painless. We recognise that you, and your engagement, is our greatest asset to achieving progress.

STEPHANIE davieS, pain specialist, anaesthetist and lead pain proceduralist

Whole person care is collaborative.

Feel confident and empowered by your pain care, as the expert of your experience and an active participicant in your health creation.


Whole person care is functional.

Care for the needs of your whole body with an operating system designed not only to resolve pain, but also, to foster overall health.


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Experience an approach to pain care that honors your goals first.

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Experience whole-person pain care from the comfort of your own home.

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