Collaborative care

Collaborative care unites your expertise, as the custodian of your body, with ours, as experienced health professionals.

You are the expert of your own experience and an active participant in your pain care.

We invite you to step in. To get curious, to believe there's hope, and to be galvanised by it. And our promise — we'll be right beside you, every step of the way.

Collaborating, as equal partners, we'll start fresh. Replacing fear and uncertainty with confidence and clarity, we'll rethink and redesign your pain care around what matters most to you.


Achieve your personal pain goals

What matters to you...? Returning to work? Being able to play with your kids? Or just enjoying a game of golf on the weekend?

We construct your care around the things that matter most to you. Your goals — the activities and experiences you desire most, the liberties that restore meaning and joy to your life. These are our primary measures of success.

Lab reports, imaging results, clinical assessments: they're important. But supporting you to live life — the way you want to live it — is our ultimate endeavour.


Make informed, considered health decisions

Receive the support you need to make confident decisions about your pain, health and lifestyle.

Drawing upon the principles of shared decision-making, we integrate your personal expertise — on your pain and it's influence on your daily life — with our professional expertise, to make the most informed and thoughtful health decisions together.

Why "shared decision-making"?

"Before physicians can really know what the proper treatment is for a patient, they must understand the particular needs of their patients. This approach recognises that clinicians and patients bring different but equally important forms of expertise to the decision-making process. The clinician’s expertise is based on knowledge of the disease, likely prognosis, tests and treatment; patients are experts on how a disease impacts their daily life, and their values and preferences."


Integrate health and self-care into your everyday life.

Collaborative care invites you to become an active participant in your pain care.

Functional medicine and specialised pain therapies are profoundly impactful strategies. But, it's the 99% of the time when you're not with one of our health professionals, when you're caring for yourself, where true health and wellness is fostered.

Strengthening your role, as a custodian of your own pain care, you'll begin regaining lost independence and reclaiming a sense of control and stability in your health.

Why collaborative care?

Many patients report that their greatest challenge isn't finding practitioners to treat them, but rather, finding practitioners who truly take the time to listen and understand them. We believe it's just as important to ask "what matter's to you?" as it is to ask "what is the matter?".

Michelle Broughton, Pain Coach & Occupational Therapist

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